Poster for dstruct

May 27, 2014

Dstruct Poster

This milestone was designing a poster to represent the project’s efforts so far and print it. I wanted to express the dependency graph of the data structures in the library in a way that would be appealing to a non-technical audience. I ended up using the mind mapping web service since it was a great way to create colorful appealing dependency graphs. The diagram on the poster is located here. I then created three sections below the diagram to clearly explain the problem, solution, and results. The information included is high level and brief.

In this milestone I learned how to print posters using vector graphics. I have never really done much design work for paper posters before so I was unfamiliar with programs like illustrator and the difference between vector and raster graphics. I ended up using Adobe illustrator to design the poster and Staples to print it. The illustrator file is located here.

This advances the project by being able to present the findings at capstone night. I will be working on finishing the library and publishing public modules for the project.

Cody Stebbins

Written by Cody Stebbins who is a full-stack software engineer living in Austin, TX. Twitter